Lisa Bernard’s NOTES from the PODIUM: A Workbook to Accompany Coaching, Workshops and Courses for Public Speakers

ISBN 978-0-692-372567-9

After twenty-five years crafting, delivering and polishing the presentations of first-rate speeches, Lisa Bernard distills her time-tested methods into fourteen easy-to-follow lessons for speakers at all levels. Approaches to researching, creating, and delivering of informative, persuasive and motivational talks are concisely described, vividly illustrated, and accompanied by simple skill-building exercises and worksheets that move speakers to their next level of development and confidence. Succinct “cue cards” on speech subtleties like humor, transitions, titles, and Q&A offer critical insights and pivotal advice compiled and crystallized from speakers and audiences from across the world.


Click here to read the Foreword by Maura Lee Bee, writer and TEDx speaker.


Lisa Bernard's NOTES from the PODIUM: A Guide to Ceremonial Remarks for Public Speakers

ISBN 978-0-692-37106-0

Lisa Bernard shares her time-tested approach to ceremonial remarks in a concise how-to format that calms the nerves of even the most anxious Toastmaster. Providing clear insight into the dynamics of distinct speeches, Lisa guides novices and veteran speakers alike to meaningful and memorable remarks befitting the occasions for which we are called upon to “just say a few words.” With emphasis on the key components of each type of remarks, the reader is walked through the steps necessary to prepare and craft remarks appropriate for a Toast, Tribute, Award, Acceptance Speech or Eulogy that offer so much more than simply saying “cheers,” “kudos,” “thank you,” “all the best,” and “my condolences.” Checklists for getting organized and outlines for what to cover are offered for each type of address and vividly illustrated in both speech excerpts and full-length remarks. 


Click here to read the Foreword by Will Sammon, Newsday Sports Reporter.

  A Compact Collection of Popular & Powerful Quotations & Proverbs for Public Speakers

ISBN 0-9761176-6-5

More than 500 hundred pithy and inspirational quotations and profound proverbs most often used in speeches and business presentations. Neatly organized in alphabetical order by topic and theme, this handy collection offers just the right words of wisdom from the likes of Aristotle and Confucius to the wit of JFK and Mark Twain and the sage advice and incisive observations of Oprah and Albert Einstein. 


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